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random reviews of creative coding experiments and their possible functions for new cinematic forms

Des données ouvertes narratives

Après nos deux causeries de l’hiver et du printemps (Machines à conter et Narrations interactives & Big Data), la question des données continue son chemin au sein du chapitre provençal de Storycode. Pour mieux cerner cette question, je reprend l’angle d’approche qui nous … Continue reading

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Rapport de LabZ #1: Zeega vs Popcorn

Du 18 au 20 mars 2013, à l’invitation du centre de création Zinc à la Friche Belle de Mai de Marseille (France), 8 créateurs multimédia ont expérimenté autour des récentes applications web Zeega et Popcorn. Zinc lance ainsi sa série … Continue reading

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Popcorn's Amazing Potential

With the release of version 1.0 of Popcorn Maker, cinemakers welcome the first tool that has the potential to turn them into webmakers. The goal of Popcorn is shared across all the project’s channels since mid-2011: to bring video out … Continue reading

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Cinematic interactions: Discrepances

Diego Ortiz recently proposed its Discrepances project at Alhambra cinema in Marseille. Started in 2010, Discrepances is a cinematic mediated reality project which connects two different times in one space: the time of the filmmaker-artist and time of the user-participant. … Continue reading

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Interactive beings, interactive documentaries

  This post was first published for the i-docs blog and reflection group on the emerging forms of interactive documentaries.   Interactive beings are interactive documentaries Interactivity starts within me. What I experience from the world and people around me … Continue reading

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Le temps d’un torrent

Le temps d’un torrent, je me demande qui sont les pairs qui contribuent les pièces du fichier de cinéma qui se construit sur ma machine. Les pairs vont et viennent dans un onglet de l’interface mais, qu’est ce qui nous … Continue reading

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Interactions with the moving image: scratching the surface

Interactions with the moving image question the ideas of the interface and of the image sequence. On one side, the human-machine interface which articulates functions built for the user. On the other side, the cinematic image sequence – the shot … Continue reading

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Digging for cinematic channels

  Many technologies now call for deeper manipulations of video streams. The recent HTML5 welcomes video as an integral part of the web through the <video> and <canvas> tags. Javascript libraries are stimulating the imagination for play with motion graphics. … Continue reading

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Codes and Cinema: Isn’t cinema always about mobile context?

  Image : cinebits from the controversial film Salò by Pier Paolo Pasolini : what did the filmmaker perceive with his concept of “cinemes”? how can it inspire sensibility, “sympathy for context” in mobile web design? As my exploration of … Continue reading

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Codes and Cinema: Wireframe with alpha channel

Wireframe with alpha channel, originally uploaded by rizomer. A wireframe with concepts used to explore what could be – creatively – done once a cinematic image stream is drag-dropped to a web application. CSS/HTML wireframing through

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