Cinematic interactions: Discrepances


Diego Ortiz recently proposed its Discrepances project at Alhambra cinema in Marseille. Started in 2010, Discrepances is a cinematic mediated reality project which connects two different times in one space: the time of the filmmaker-artist and time of the user-participant. An audiovisual path has been captured by Diego that the participant explores with a mobile. The soundtrack act as the glue between both times. On Friday April 27th and Saturday April 28th, Discrepances took a special twist as the cinematic path experienced by the participants unfolded through the rooms of an independent cinema house.

The idea lies in the combination of an older technique know as the sequence shot with the more recent ideas of mediated reality. The project does not fully yet integrate location-based web technologies but uses the soundtrack and voice over to connect both spaces. At Alhambra cinema, the path actually starts in the next door cafe with a picture of a scene taken from a Marcel Pagnol film. For the participant, the walk begins when the picture hanging on the wall of the cafe loads the motion pictures of the exact shot from the film on the mobile. The sensation is strong since you are in a similar type of cafe probably not that far from where the scene was originally shot in the south of France.

With only this beginning, Discrepances carries the promises of more context aware cinematic interactions. The project plays with memories, moments and motions. Its mise-en-scene involves both the physical and the screen space, the theatrical and the cinematic. As the web evolves towards audiovisual, geolocation and peer connection with html5 and real-time communication, I am also curious to experience a next Discrepances composing sensitive connections between a location and my unique path within it.


About Djela

Through information architecture and interaction design, I explore methods to communicate interactions between humans and audiovisual streams. To stimulate creative collaboration between web developers and cinema makers, I imagine possibilities opened by interactive contexts and explore methods between interaction design and remix culture to communicate how computer codes can play with cinematic streams. All this come from a passion for what "cinemaking" inspired to my understanding of the world.
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