Codes and Cinema: Moving away from the length-based mold

 Quasimondo's Islands Of Consciousness

How long will cinema keep its reference to a time where cinematic imagery was deployed onto physical film? Will the length-based mold simply copy-paste to the web? If filmmakers such as Griffith or Eisenstein explored (on celluloid) the cinematic montage that led to the feature lenght standard of the 20th century, can we still measure experiments of Actionscripters such as Neave (Neave’s TV) or Quasimondo (Flickeur) in terms that are reminiscence of the length (in feet!) of a number of film reels? We go to their sites and the experience lasts as “long” as their internet scripts are not removed from their servers. No reels, no feet there.


About Djela

Through information architecture and interaction design, I explore methods to communicate interactions between humans and audiovisual streams. To stimulate creative collaboration between web developers and cinema makers, I imagine possibilities opened by interactive contexts and explore methods between interaction design and remix culture to communicate how computer codes can play with cinematic streams. All this come from a passion for what "cinemaking" inspired to my understanding of the world.
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